Respect for the elders respect: verb; to admire someone or something deeply as a result of their abilities, qualities or achievements. I have noticed a beautiful thing in Africa:  respect for the elders.  Subtle, yet obvious to those from the outside. There is a quiet order to things. The younger submits to the older. Respect… Continue reading Respect

Africa Stories

Mama Played Kickball That Day

It was a fun game. We wanted the kids to relax around us. To accept us.  (Rumors had been spread by the local witchdoctors that “the Americans were coming to poison the people of the community.”)  Everyone was a little tense, to say the least. Normally, our team would have been met with smiles, double handed waves… Continue reading Mama Played Kickball That Day

Africa Stories

They Welcomed Us With Singing

I had gone to Africa for 3 summers before my husband finally made the trip with me in 2010.  Up until that point, Africa, was my “thing.”  Don’t get me wrong.  I had his complete blessing to “go.”  He always worked it out so that he was able to care for our five children while… Continue reading They Welcomed Us With Singing