Sweeping Dirt

Many things my African friends do, I don’t understand; but I do not question.  The time of day they eat their meals, the fact that their weddings are 8+hours long, or that their funerals last a week or more are just a few examples.  I don’t question it.  I just go with it.  There is… Continue reading Sweeping Dirt



Respect for the elders respect: verb; to admire someone or something deeply as a result of their abilities, qualities or achievements. I have noticed a beautiful thing in Africa:  respect for the elders.  Subtle, yet obvious to those from the outside. There is a quiet order to things. The younger submits to the older. Respect… Continue reading Respect

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SMILES and the language barrier

A wise man once told me, “a smile crosses over all language barriers.” That wise man was Mr. Bill Haring.  He served many years as a missionary in Mexico.  He and his amazing wife and five children had “given up a lot” to GO, but if you ask him, he would tell you that it… Continue reading SMILES and the language barrier