Why Maji Hope?

When DigDeepGiveWell began back in 2009 we were a group of people who wanted to do something to help others.  We had no idea that it would become the great organization that it is today.  With no money for attorneys and no idea what we were doing we began using the name DigDeepGiveWell, almost on a whim.
Fast-forward several years and we are faced with the prospect of doing even bigger and better things so we began to meet and pray about our identity.  Due to many factors, including our ability to secure the rights to the name, we decided that we must make a change.  This change will include securing the legal rights to our new name and our logo.
It is with great excitement and anticipation that we are announcing we are now Maji:Hope.  Maji (m-ah-j-ee) means “water” in swahili and in honor of our friends in that part of Africa, we feel that this new name depicts who we are and what we want to be.  Bringing Hope to other communities by providing Maji (water).

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