Maji Hope Trips

“Maji Hope trips are not easy. You sleep in tents. There is no access to electricity or running water. You go for days without showers and no access to our idea of toilets. Quite honestly, you are just way out of your comfort zone. However, what God teaches you while there is worth everything you have given up to get there. What you learn from the African people about faith and what is truly necessary for life cannot be learned in any other place. Africa just gets inside your heart, and it never leaves.”

–Former team member

During June / July 2024, we will be in two areas of Tanzania doing multiple clean water projects. While in one of the areas, Makuyuni, we will be volunteering at a local maasai school. If you are interested in joining one of our Summer 2024 Teams, please CLICK THIS LINK and fill out the form.