Imani (ee-mah-nee):
means “faith” in Swahili

The Imani Group is a group of African ladies who came together and wanted to help pay for a clean water project for their rural village in Tanzania. After visiting with them, we discovered that they are amazing artisans and can create beautiful beaded jewelry and crafts. We came up with a plan that they would make items, Maji Hope would buy the items from them (blessing them with an income) and then Maji Hope would sell the items here in the U.S. to help do clean water projects in their village and surrounding community as well as other areas of Tanzania. The group started out with 11 women and now has grown to over 40 women. Each item is handcrafted in rural Tanzania where nearly every woman lives in a mud hut without electricity or running water. They grow their own food, take care of their children, cook over open fires, and still find time to create. You can bless them and others by buying their items at the Maji Hope gift shop.

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