Maji Hope Office

Maji Hope OfficeMaji Hope is excited to announce that we now have an office.  After 6 years of working together at local coffee shops and the dining room tables of our board members, we found a small place to rent in Silverhill, Alabama.  Located on the corner of Highway 104 and 8th Street, the office will officially open this fall with plans for an Imani Group gift shop as well as Cream & Bean, an ice cream and coffee shop opening in Spring 2017.  Watch our social sites for info on an upcoming “Open House” around Christmas time.
(Before opening, the office is in need of some help in which we will proudly display signs advertising companies or donors who can help with these needs.  Maji Hope is a 501c3 non profit so any donation will be tax deductible.)  We are in need of the following:
  • a landscaping company to create simple yet large beds with border grass and pine straw around our trees which will cut down on mowing time
  • a new front door that is more secure and opens outward
  • a front porch/deck with handicap accessible ramp
  • small picket fencing installed across the front facing Hwy 104 and along the parking area on 8th street
  • small awnings for the windows along the south and west sides of the building
  • gravel and installation of gravel for parking along 8th street.

If you can help with any of these needs, please contact