We are constantly looking for individuals, churches, schools, civic groups, VBS, KIDS ministries or youth groups, or even just a group of friends who have a passion for changing lives. No group is too small to make a big difference.

Schools: We have simple ways to change entire villages and give your students an amazing world view.  Let us email you an easy list of ideas.  Watch the video below to see all of the other schools who are already part of what we do.

Thank You – Ormee School from Maji:Hope on Vimeo.

Churches: We have several simple, one-time ways to make a HUGE difference.  From a “Water Sunday” to a small African style market in the lobby, we work with your church to determine what works best for you.

  • Click HERE to learn more about WHAT WE DO,
  • Click HERE to learn about the ladies “Imani Group”
  • Click HERE to see an idea of how to get your church to partner with us at Christmas time.

VBS/KIDS Ministries:  Kids LOVE helping us and we have a simple way for them to help.  Show one of our videos geared just for kids and inspire them to make a HUGE difference in the lives of kids just like them.  Then, after their project is completed, we will post a new link to the village that they helped so they can see the exact people and the exact location they helped.  Click HERE and fill out this form to join us.  YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

THIS FALL, let us send a speaker to inspire your kids to change the world!  Click HERE to see our “Imani Group” ladies and how they are hoping you will join them by letting your kids buy their handmade items.

Civic Groups: Let’s chat about what we do and how we can fit with your organization’s philanthropic goals.  We can share what others have done.

Do you have another connection?  Connect us with people who might join us! We love networking!